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64529217869 DCP05090 7SEU Car Air Compressor 12V For BMW1/3/X3/X4 WXBM033

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiable Price : Negotiable
Packaging Details : Neutral packing /WNRLN packing/Customized packing Delivery Time : 10-30 days
Payment Terms : Western Union, L/C, T/T, MoneyGram, PayPal Supply Ability : 5000pcs per month
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China Brand Name: WNRLN
Certification: SGS/ISO9001 Model Number: WXBM033

Detail Information

Year Model: 2011-2018 Car Make: For BMW1/3/X3/X4 F20/F30/F25/F26
Voltage: 12V Grooves: 8PK
Compressor Type: 7SEU17C OEM: 64529217869/DCP05090/6452921786901/6452921786902/64529332782/64529396723
High Light:

automotive air conditioning compressor


auto air conditioning compressor

Product Description

64529217869 DCP05090 7SEU Car Air Compressor 12V For BMW1/3/X3/X4 WXBM033


Parameter :

Model Number




Car Model


For BMW1/3/X3/X4 F20/F30/F25/F26






Year Model




OE No.





Product pictures

64529217869 DCP05090 7SEU Car Air Compressor 12V For BMW1/3/X3/X4 WXBM033 064529217869 DCP05090 7SEU Car Air Compressor 12V For BMW1/3/X3/X4 WXBM033 1

WNRLN Packing

ß ß ßWNRLN packaging and shock-proof foams, which have protective functions.

Their thickness is thicker than ordinary box and foam , Relatively speaking, the quality of WNRLN packaging is better than that of ordinary packaging.

ß ß ß It has the advantages of good stiffness and high wear resistance.

It is deeply loved by domestic and foreign customers.


64529217869 DCP05090 7SEU Car Air Compressor 12V For BMW1/3/X3/X4 WXBM033 2


Role of compressor


A compressor is a mechanical device that is used to increase the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume. Compressors are prevalent in various industries and applications, including refrigeration, air conditioning, gas processing, and power generation. They play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient operation of many systems and processes.


The primary function of a compressor is to compress a gas or air to a higher pressure than its initial state. This compression is achieved by reducing the volume of the gas, which increases its pressure. Compressors are essential components in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, where they are used to compress refrigerant gases, such as R-134a or R-410a, to create the cooling effect needed for air conditioning or refrigeration.


In industrial applications, compressors are used to compress gases for various purposes, such as gas processing, storage, and transportation. For example, in the oil and gas industry, compressors are used to compress natural gas for transportation through pipelines or for processing in gas processing plants. The compression of natural gas is necessary to increase the pressure so that it can be transported over long distances efficiently.


Compressors are also essential in power generation plants, where they are used to compress air for combustion in gas turbines or to compress refrigerant gases in refrigeration cycles for cooling systems. In gas turbine power plants, compressors play a critical role in compressing air before it enters the combustion chamber, where it is mixed with fuel and ignited to produce power. The efficiency and performance of the gas turbine depend on the compressor's ability to compress air to the required pressure levels.


There are several types of compressors available, each suited for specific applications and operating conditions. The most common types of compressors include reciprocating compressors, rotary screw compressors, centrifugal compressors, and scroll compressors. Each type of compressor has its advantages and disadvantages, and the selection of the appropriate compressor depends on factors such as the required pressure ratio, flow rate, efficiency, and operating conditions.


In addition to compressing gases, compressors also play a role in increasing the energy efficiency of systems. By compressing gases, compressors enable the transfer of energy from one system to another, such as in refrigeration cycles or power generation processes. Proper maintenance and operation of compressors are essential to ensure their reliability and efficiency, as well as to prevent unnecessary energy consumption and system downtime.


In conclusion, compressors are essential devices used in a wide range of industries and applications to increase the pressure of gases for various purposes. Whether in refrigeration systems, industrial processes, or power generation plants, compressors play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient operation of systems and processes. Proper selection, maintenance, and operation of compressors are vital to achieving optimal performance and energy efficiency in various applications.

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