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8832035710 Car Air Compressor Machine For Toyota Prado For Hilux 3RZ WXTT031

Minimum Order Quantity : 3pcs Price : Competitive
Packaging Details : Neutral packing and ourown brand packing orcustomized packing according to your requirement. Delivery Time : 30 DAYS
Payment Terms : Western Union, T/T,Paypal Supply Ability : 5000PCS Per Month
Place of Origin: CHINA Brand Name: WNRLN
Certification: SGS/IS09001 Model Number: WXTT031

Detail Information

Product Name: WXTT031 Grooves: 4PK
Car Fits For: For Toyota Prado/Hilux 3RZ/TRJ120/1KD/RZN ZN OE NO.: 8832035710/883206A170/DCP50097/8831035850
Volts: 12V Size: Standard Size
Warranty: 1 Year Compressor Type: 10S17C
High Light:

auto air conditioning compressor


automotive air conditioning compressor

Product Description


8832035710 Car Air Compressor Machine For Toyota Prado For Hilux 3RZ WXTT031



Model Number






Car Model



For Toyota Prado/Hilux 3RZ/TRJ120/1KD/RZN






Ac Compressor



Year Model






Compressor type
















8832035710 Car Air Compressor Machine For Toyota Prado For Hilux 3RZ WXTT031 08832035710 Car Air Compressor Machine For Toyota Prado For Hilux 3RZ WXTT031 1


Maintaining Your A/C Compressor:


1. Regularly use the compressor: It is important to use your A/C compressor regularly, even during cooler months, to ensure that all the elements of the system stay properly lubricated. This will help prevent any potential damage or malfunction.


2.Check refrigerant levels: Proper refrigerant charge is crucial for the smooth operation of your air conditioning system. Regularly check and charge the refrigerant to maintain the optimal pressure levels.


3.Clean and tighten drive belts: Over time, drive belts can become loose or dirty, affecting the performance of the A/C compressor. Clean the belts regularly and ensure they are tightly secured to avoid any slippage or damage.


4.Perform electrical checks: Test the switches, sensors, fuses, relays, and coils of the A/C compressor to ensure they are functioning properly. Faulty electrical components can cause compressor failure, so regular checks are important. ,


If your A/C compressor fails: If your A/C compressor fails due to wear-and-tear or neglect, it will need to be replaced. Using a re-manufactured compressor is an option, but it is important to have a recovery machine to safely extract the refrigerant from the old compressor to protect the environment.


Note: Some A/C compressors have replaceable electromagnetic clutches, while others require the entire assembly to be replaced. It is important to identify the type of compressor you have and follow the appropriate replacement procedures.





Types of AC Compressors

The A/C compressor is an essential component of an air conditioning system. It consists of several parts, including the housing, connecting points, and the pulley with an electromagnetic clutch. The housing contains the compressor's sections, oil fill, and valves, while the connecting points are used for refrigerant pipe connections. The pulley with an electromagnetic clutch helps in the engagement and disengagement of the compressor.


There are various types and variations of A/C compressors available, with some of the most common ones being:


1. Variable or Fixed Swash Plate Compressors: These are the most commonly used compressors in automotive air conditioning systems. They use a swash plate mechanism to compress the refrigerant. Variable swash plate compressors allow for more precise control of the compressor capacity and can adjust the displacement according to the cooling demand.


2.Reciprocating Compressors: These compressors work on the principle of a piston moving back and forth within a cylinder. They are known for their durability and reliability, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.


3.Rotary Compressors: There are two main types of rotary compressors: - Spiral Compressors: These compressors use a rotating spiral-shaped rotor within a cylindrical housing to compress the refrigerant. They are compact and efficient, making them ideal for small to medium-sized applications. - Vane Compressors: Vane compressors use rotating blades or vanes that slide in and out of slots within the compressor housing to compress the refrigerant. They are known for their smooth operation and low noise levels.


4.Electrically-driven Compressors: These compressors are used in hybrid and electric vehicles. As the name suggests, they are powered by an electric motor instead of a traditional engine-driven pulley. They provide efficient cooling while reducing engine load and emissions.



8832035710 Car Air Compressor Machine For Toyota Prado For Hilux 3RZ WXTT031 28832035710 Car Air Compressor Machine For Toyota Prado For Hilux 3RZ WXTT031 38832035710 Car Air Compressor Machine For Toyota Prado For Hilux 3RZ WXTT031 4

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