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2008-2018 6V12 6PK Auto AC Compressor For Fiat Bravo/Doblo/AlfaRomeo Mito

2008-2018 6V12 6PK Auto AC Compressor For Fiat Bravo/Doblo/AlfaRomeo Mito

  • 2008-2018 6V12 6PK  Auto AC Compressor For Fiat Bravo/Doblo/AlfaRomeo Mito
  • 2008-2018 6V12 6PK  Auto AC Compressor For Fiat Bravo/Doblo/AlfaRomeo Mito
  • 2008-2018 6V12 6PK  Auto AC Compressor For Fiat Bravo/Doblo/AlfaRomeo Mito
  • 2008-2018 6V12 6PK  Auto AC Compressor For Fiat Bravo/Doblo/AlfaRomeo Mito
  • 2008-2018 6V12 6PK  Auto AC Compressor For Fiat Bravo/Doblo/AlfaRomeo Mito
2008-2018 6V12 6PK  Auto AC Compressor For Fiat Bravo/Doblo/AlfaRomeo Mito
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: WNRLN
Model Number: WXFT004
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 50
Price: Competitive
Packaging Details: Neutral Packing
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T,Paypal
Supply Ability: 50000 Per Month
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Detailed Product Description
Type: AC Compressor Car Make: For Fiat Bravo/Doblo/AlfaRomeo
Car Model: 6V12 Grooves: 6PK
Voltage: 12V Diameter: Standard Size
Year: 2008- 2011 OEM: 8600196/1921F/648760/51803075/51893889
High Light:

automotive air conditioning compressor


auto air conditioning compressor

2008-2018 6V12 6PK Auto AC Compressor For Fiat Bravo/Doblo/AlfaRomeo Mito




Car model

For Fiat Bravo/Doblo/AlfaRomeo Mito/Peugeot Bipper/Citroen Nemo

Compressor Model

6V12 6PK 





Year 2008-20118



If you need a assistance to make sure that this part will fit your vehicle, please send us the photo of your old product, the OEM and /or the year, make model and engine size of your vehicle so that we may confirm it for you . We also recommend using the compatibility chart in order to make sure that this product will fit your vehicle.


Technical Information

What you need to know

If you’re replacing an A/C Compressor, you have to be prepared to replace additional components in the system depending on the reason why your own

compressor failed. The information provided below was made to help you save TIME and MONEY.

1.) Compressor locked/seized internally:

If your compressor seized internally it was due to insufficient refrigerant or oil in the system or the system was

blocked, leading to overheating of the compressor which caused a breakdown of internal parts.

Visible symptoms:

The oil in the compressor is black and/or has aluminum particles in it. The belt snapped or when the a/c is

turned on, the engine feels like it’s going to turn off.

What you should do:

1. Replace the A/C Compressor (make sure to add PAG Oil)

2. Replace the Receiver Drier/Accumulator

3. Replace the Expansion Valve/Orifice tube

4. Flushing the a/c lines, condenser and evaporator is REQUIRED (We professionally recommend to replace

the condenser on modern vehicles since the passage on the fins are so small that a flush will not remove all


5. Vacuum the system for 30 – 45 minutes. This will remove any moisture in the system.

6. Add the correct amount of refrigerant to the system.

7. Run vehicle on lowest fan setting for about 3 minutes to allow the compressor to cycle the refrigerant and oil.

The reason why it’s important to replace the additional parts listed is because if you add a

new compressor to acontaminated system, the compressor will cycle the contaminants and will eventually lock up again

2.) Compressor is making noise:

There are two possible reasons why your compressor is making noise.

First being that the compressor is suffering from

internal damage due to a lack of refrigerant or oil in the system.This is an early sign that the compressor will seize,

please go back to the first example and follow the instructions.

The second reason is that the

bearing on the compressor is bad.

Visible symptoms:

The compressor makes noise when the a/c is on or off, the clutch has a red/brown discoloration caused by overheating.

What you should do:

With the right tools and some mechanical knowledge,

you can replace the bearing on the compressor without having to remove it from the vehicle.

We carry almost all bearing sizes for a/c compressor clutches.

Please contact us and we will provide you with the item number so you may purchase the clutch bearing.

3.) Compressor does not engage:

If the compressor does not engage even though the system is properly charged, the coil may no longer be

functional. This can be an electrical issue of the vehicle or the coil may have suffered from overheating of the


Visible symptoms:

The epoxy in the coil has bubbles, cracks and looks “dried out”.

What you should do:

Replace the clutch assembly or the a/c compressor. Please contact us for availability.

4.) Compressor is leaking:

Compressors can leak due to various reasons. This can happen if the compressor overheats, obstruction in the system and overcharging the system.

Visible symptoms:

UV dye is found on the shaft or body of the compressor.

What you should do:

Replace the compressor and conduct a leak test in order to ensure that there are no other leaks in the system.

Note: These are the most common issues found when it comes to a faulty compressor.

We advise that you take your vehicle to an ASE certified mechanic that is able to properly

diagnose your a/c system and determine the problem.

There are other problems that may be present in your system

which may not be listed on here. If you

still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.


- CONTACT US. We are dedicated professionals that only deal and specialize in automotive

air conditioning. We can assist with any installation questions,

system capacity requirements and have all additional parts for

your a/c system.

- After checking or filling the oil, turn the clutch on the compressor 10 times to distribute the oil inside.

- Check how much oil the compressor contains even if it’s brand new.

You do not want to end up doing the

job twice simply because there was an insufficient amount of oil added to the compressor.

- Replace the schrader valves anytime you service your a/c system.

- Check relays and pressure switches.

- After flushing, make sure that there is no flush liquid in the system by using compressed air or nitrogen.

- Make sure the condition of the condenser is so that the

performance is sufficient to maintain proper

temperature in the system. A non-conforming condenser may cause overheating of the compressor


Compressors :

1) Rotary Vane - Panasonic

Rotary vane compressors consist of a rotor with three or four vanes and a carefully shaped

rotor housing. As the compressor shaft rotates, the vanes and housing form chambers.

The R134a is drawn through the suction port into these chambers, which become smaller as

the rotor turns. The discharge port is located at the point where the gas is fully compressed.

The vanes are sealed against the rotor housing by centrifugal force and lubricating oil. The

oil sump and oil pump are located on the discharge side, so that the high pressure forces oil

through the oil pump and then onto the base of the vanes keeping them sealed against the

rotor housing.

During idle an occasional vane noise from the compressor may be heard. This is due to the

time taken for lubricating oil to circulate through the A/C system.

2)Scroll type - Sanden

This compressor uses a unique design with two scrolls, one fixed and one is movable, both are inter-leaved.

The movable spiral is able to ORBIT or oscillate without actually fully rotating. The movable scroll is connected

to the input shaft via a concentric bearing.

As the movable spiral oscillates within the fixed spiral, a number of pockets are formed between the spiral. As

these pockets decrease in size the refrigerant is squeezed, the pressure increases and is discharged

through a reed valve at the discharge port in the rear section of the compressor.

3)Variable stroke - Harrison V5

The Delphi (Harrison) V5 compressor is a non-cycling variable displacement compressor.

The compressor varies displacement to control capacity to meet A/C system demand at all operating conditions. The compressor features a variable angle wobble plate in five (V5) cylinder axial piston design.

Displacement is controlled by a bellows actuated control valve located in the rear cylinder head. This control valve senses and responds to the system suction pressure or A/C system demand.

Through regulation of compressor crankcase pressure, the wobble plate angle, and therefore compressor displacement is variable.

In general, the compressor discharge pressure is much greater than the compressor crankcase. Which is greater than or equal to the compressor suction pressure.

At maximum displacement, compressor crankcase pressure is equal to the compressor suction pressure.

At reduced or minimum displacement, the compressor crankcase pressure is greater than the suction pressure.


Compressors and Mount & Drive:

Mount & Drive

Consists of a bracket to mount the compressor to the engine, a belt idler pulley, compressor

drive belt and possibly and extra drive pulley for the crankshaft.

Compressor Mount

Manufactured of either plate, cast iron, steel or aluminium, this bracket should exhibit

excellent noise absorption qualities especially if using a piston type compressor.

Idler Pulley

A small pulley normally used in conjunction with a belt adjusting mechanism, also used when

a belt has a long distance between pulleys to absorb belt vibrations.

Drive Pulley

Some vehicles do not have an extra pulley to accommodate an A/C drive belt, in these

cases an extra pulley is bolted onto the existing crankshaft pulley.

2008-2018 6V12 6PK  Auto AC Compressor For Fiat Bravo/Doblo/AlfaRomeo Mito 02008-2018 6V12 6PK  Auto AC Compressor For Fiat Bravo/Doblo/AlfaRomeo Mito 1

2008-2018 6V12 6PK  Auto AC Compressor For Fiat Bravo/Doblo/AlfaRomeo Mito 22008-2018 6V12 6PK  Auto AC Compressor For Fiat Bravo/Doblo/AlfaRomeo Mito 3

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