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VOE85104468 Auto Air Conditioner Compressor For Volvo Backhoe Loader BL60 WXTK390

Minimum Order Quantity : 3pcs Price : Negotiable
Packaging Details : Neutral packing and our own brand packing or customized packing according to your requirement. Delivery Time : 30 days
Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union, L/C, MoneyGram, PayPal Supply Ability : 5000pcs per month
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China Brand Name: WNRLN
Certification: SGS/IS09001 Model Number: WXTK390

Detail Information

OEM: VOE85104468/85104468/AG320194 Type: AC Compressor
Car Make: For Volvo Backhoe Loader BL60/BL61/BL70 12V Voltage: 12V
Grooves: 2A Compressor Type: 7H15
Warranty: 1 Year Product Name: WXTK390

Product Description


VOE85104468 Auto Air Conditioner Compressor For Volvo Backhoe Loader BL60 WXTK390

Parameter :


Model Number






Car Model



For Volvo Backhoe Loader BL60/BL61/BL70 12V





























Goods Picture

VOE85104468 Auto Air Conditioner Compressor For Volvo Backhoe Loader BL60 WXTK390 0VOE85104468 Auto Air Conditioner Compressor For Volvo Backhoe Loader BL60 WXTK390 1







Here are the most common causes of malfunctioning car A/C systems:


1. Insufficient refrigerant: This is often the main issue when the air blows hot. Low refrigerant levels are usually caused by a leak, which can be due to worn hoses or loose connections. You can refill the system with a recharge kit from an auto parts store. However, this approach has its drawbacks. It could lead to overcharging the system, affecting its performance, and it doesn't address the underlying leak causing the problem.


2.Defective compressor: If the compressor fails, the entire A/C system won't work. The compressor's clutch, which connects it to the pulley powering the system, can be the culprit in some cases. This is a relatively minor repair. In vehicles with belt-driven A/C units, the clutch allows you to turn the compressor on and off. (Note: Electric motor-driven A/C units in hybrids and EVs don't have a clutch.) Sometimes, the problem can be as simple as a blown fuse.


3.Faulty pressure switch: There are two pressure switches that monitor the refrigerant. If the pressure becomes too high or low, the compressor will shut off for safety reasons, resulting in a non-functional A/C system.


4.Damaged condenser: The condenser, located in front of the radiator, cools the A/C refrigerant. Debris striking it can cause clogs or damage. Aging and wear can also contribute to condenser failure. Typically, a car's A/C condenser needs replacement after about 10 years of regular use.


5. Malfunctioning condenser fan The condenser relies on a fan to cool the refrigerant in the A/C system. If the fan stops working, you may notice that the A/C doesn't cool the cabin as effectively at lower speeds. You might also hear unusual noises like banging or rattling, and the fan won't run when the car is parked.


6. Sensor malfunctions The climate control system in a vehicle relies on various sensors to accurately regulate the air temperature. If any of these sensors fail, it can affect the system's performance.


7. Blocked cabin air filter To keep dust, pollen, and other particles out of the cabin, a car's climate control system uses a filter. If this cabin air filter becomes clogged and is not regularly replaced, it can impact the cooling capabilities of the system.


8. Defective blend door actuator An air conditioning system has a blend door actuator that directs hot or cold air into the cabin. If you set the system for one temperature and get the opposite, it may be due to a malfunctioning actuator.


9. Faulty head unit If all other components of the system are functioning correctly, the central control unit (where the temperature controls are located) may be the issue. This could be caused by wiring problems or, in newer vehicles, a problem with the electronic signal that connects the computerized temperature controls to the mechanical A/C components under the hood.







Here are 4 Indications of a Faulty Car AC Compressor:


1. Unusual Sounds From the Running Compressor If you hear strange noises coming from your car's AC unit when the air conditioner is turned on, it may be a sign that the AC compressor is not functioning properly. The compressor is made up of various components and bearings, and if any of them break or seize operation, they can create squealing or grinding noises. These noises are an indication that the AC unit needs repair or replacement.


2.Abnormally High Interior Temperatures No one wants their car's AC to blow hot air, regardless of the season. If your AC is not blowing cold air, it could be a result of a faulty compressor. Checking the compressor is necessary to address the issue of hot air inside the car.


3.Fluid Leaks Another potential symptom of a malfunctioning AC compressor is fluid leakage. The compressor contains bearings that prevent refrigerant or other fluids from leaking. If a bearing becomes worn out, it can cause fluid leakage and ultimately lead to the compressor's malfunction. When looking for signs of AC repair, it is important to check for any leaks in the system.


4.Stuck AC Compressor Clutch The AC compressor clutch is connected to the engine by a pulley, allowing the engine's power to be used by the compressor only when necessary. If the clutch is broken, it will be unable to transfer power from the engine to the compressor, resulting in the compressor's failure to function. Therefore, it is advisable to have the clutch repaired or replaced to ensure proper functioning of the AC compressor.






Warehouse /Delivery

VOE85104468 Auto Air Conditioner Compressor For Volvo Backhoe Loader BL60 WXTK390 2VOE85104468 Auto Air Conditioner Compressor For Volvo Backhoe Loader BL60 WXTK390 3VOE85104468 Auto Air Conditioner Compressor For Volvo Backhoe Loader BL60 WXTK390 4

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