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12V Car Air Conditioner Compressor 30676394 1234250 For Ford Focus For CMAX For Volvo WXFD021

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiable Price : Competitive
Packaging Details : Neutral packing /WNRLN packing/Customized packing Delivery Time : 10-30 days
Payment Terms : Western Union, T/T,Paypal Supply Ability : 50000 Per Month
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China Brand Name: WNRLN
Certification: SGS/ISO9001 Model Number: WXFD021

Detail Information

Grooves: 5PK Car Fits For: For Ford Focus For CMAX For Volvo C30/S40/V50
Year: 2004-2012 Volts: 12v
Type: 7VS16 OEM: 30676394/1234250/1255085/1329719/1333042/1368905/1388676/1428475
High Light:

auto parts compressor


auto air compressor replacement

Product Description

12V Car Air Conditioner Compressor 7VS16 For Ford For Focus For CMAX 2004-2012




 Car Make


For Ford Focus For CMAX For Volvo


Compressor Model


7VS16 5PK










Year Model










Product Picture

12V Car Air Conditioner Compressor 30676394 1234250 For Ford  Focus For CMAX For Volvo WXFD021 012V Car Air Conditioner Compressor 30676394 1234250 For Ford  Focus For CMAX For Volvo WXFD021 1


WNRLN Packing


ß ß ßWNRLN packaging and shock-proof foams, which have protective functions.

Their thickness is thicker than ordinary box and foam , Relatively speaking, the quality of WNRLN packaging is better than that of ordinary packaging.

ß ß ß It has the advantages of good stiffness and high wear resistance.

It is deeply loved by domestic and foreign customers.


12V Car Air Conditioner Compressor 30676394 1234250 For Ford  Focus For CMAX For Volvo WXFD021 2


The air conditioning compressor in a car plays a vital role in keeping the interior cool and comfortable, especially during hot weather. Therefore, it is essential to take preventative measures to avoid malfunctions and ensure the longevity of the compressor. Here are some key tips on how to prevent faults in the car air conditioning compressor:


1. Regular Maintenance:
Regular maintenance is crucial in preventing compressor failures. Make sure to adhere to the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for the air conditioning system. This includes checking and replacing the refrigerant, inspecting for leaks, and ensuring all components are in proper working condition. Regular maintenance helps identify potential issues early on and prevents them from escalating into more significant problems.


2. Cleanliness:
Keeping the compressor and its surrounding components clean is essential for its smooth operation. Dirt, dust, and debris can clog the system, causing it to work harder and potentially lead to damage. Regularly clean the compressor, condenser, and other relevant parts to ensure optimal performance.


3. Avoid Overuse:
Avoid running the air conditioning system at full blast for extended periods, especially when the car is stationary or idling. Overuse can put undue strain on the compressor, causing it to overheat and wear out faster. Use the air conditioning system judiciously and consider using the vehicle's ventilation system instead when possible.


4. Proper Refrigerant Levels:
Maintaining the correct refrigerant levels in the air conditioning system is crucial for the compressor's operation. Low refrigerant levels can lead to increased stress on the compressor, affecting its efficiency and lifespan. Regularly check and top up refrigerant levels as needed to ensure optimal performance.


5. Address Strange Noises or Vibrations:
Unusual noises or vibrations coming from the air conditioning compressor can be early indicators of a problem. If you notice any strange noises or vibrations, have the system inspected by a professional technician immediately. Ignoring these signs can lead to more severe compressor issues and potentially costly repairs.


6. Protect from Physical Damage:
The air conditioning compressor is a vital yet sensitive component of the car's cooling system. Protect it from physical damage by ensuring it is properly mounted and shielded from road debris or collisions. Avoid driving over potholes or rough terrain that could jolt or damage the compressor.


7. Professional Inspections:
In addition to regular maintenance, schedule periodic inspections by a qualified technician to assess the condition of the air conditioning compressor. A professional inspection can help identify any potential issues early on and address them before they escalate into major problems.


By following these preventive measures and taking good care of the car air conditioning compressor, you can help avoid malfunctions and ensure the efficient operation of the system. Regular maintenance, cleanliness, proper usage, refrigerant levels, prompt attention to warning signs, physical protection, and professional inspections are key in preventing compressor faults and extending its lifespan. Remember that a well-maintained air conditioning compressor not only keeps you cool but also contributes to the overall comfort and enjoyment of your driving experience.


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